Manager, SNAP, Boys and Girls

POSITION TITLE: Manager, SNAP, Boys and Girls
PROGRAM NAME: Stop Now and Plan (SNAB)
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
STARTING DATE: 26/11/ 2018
SALARY RANGE: $36-40 Per hour

The ideal candidate will understand and support the mission, goals and objectives of SCFS as clearly expressed through its plans, contracts, policies and procedures. Under the direction of the Executive Director, the successful manager has a leadership role in coordinating and overseeing the overall design, implementation, and evaluation of the SNAP Program. Job requirements include a Master level degree with a minimum of two-to-three years experience, previous supervisory experience, familiarity with cognitive behaviour therapy,; experience organizing and delivering children’s groups and parent education groups; experience conducting program evaluation, community/agency liaison experience, conducting evidence-based programming and working within a scientist-practitioner framework, be proficient in Microsoft Office and related web-based technology, etc.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in social work (MSW) or related discipline/field; licensed; Minimum 2-3-year clinical work experience; 3-5 years preferred; Ability to establish rapport with children, youth and families in crisis; Proven track-record of non-violent crisis intervention (Preferred); Ability to work both collaboratively and independently
  • Ability to collaborate with other disciplines in a school, family and community settings;  Sound knowledge of community resources; Knowledge of French and Somali language (preferred); Experience working with children 6-12 years old and families who are high-risk; Experience providing clinical services in multiple modalities, such as individual, family and group treatment using SNAP evidenced based practices.
  • Possess strong written, oral communication skills, and strong organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with teachers, staff, parents and community members.
  • Pass required background checks


  • Accepts and works within the framework of the Centre's stated vision, mission, values and goals; Is a member of the Centre's management and ensures compliance with the contractual agreement and personnel practices in the SNAP® BOYS and GIRLS Model; Plans and coordinates the overall implementation of the program including clinical assessments and diagnosis of children between 6-12 years old and proposing appropriate intervention strategies given the situation of the family involved.
  • Exhibit clinical competencies by interacting with clients in an ethical and professional
  • organize and maintain case records; learn and apply the principles and practices of direct case management including assessment, analyzing critical information, plan development and implementation in setting up individual case/treatment plans
  • Helps hire, supervise, evaluate, discipline and terminate staff in the SNAP® BOYS and GIRLS programme in compliance with Human Resources Policy of SCFS;
  •  Is responsible for the financial planning and budgeting of the SNAP® BOYS and GIRLS; is authorized to make expenditures according to the approved budget;
  •  Is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the SNAP® BOYS and GIRLS and ensures the Programme is implemented according to plan; Ensures volunteer coordination -- selection, supervision and evaluation; Liaises with relevant community stakeholders and maintains ongoing contact with Police Service, Fire Department, Child Welfare Agencies, local elementary schools and School Boards and other relevant referral sources;
  • Ensures staff training activities which are consistent with the Centre’s philosophy, policies and procedures in addition to all required SNAP training according to the SNAP Licensing Agreement; utilizes SNAP IT (SNAP Implementation Tool; used for client information, data collection and program operations) and submits monthly/quarterly statistics as required;
  • Assumes other such responsibilities as may be deemed necessary from time to time.

Please forward your Resume and Cover letter to the attention of the Executive Director by November 10,2018 at 5p.m. Only those cleared for interview will be contacted.

Family and Child Worker - SNAP® Boys/Girls

Job Title: Family and Child Worker - SNAP® Boys/Girls
Program: Stop Now and Plan (SNAP)
Reports to: Manager of SNAP Program
Starting date: Dec 1, 2018
Employment Status: 3 Years Contract
Salary Range: $ 27-32

The ideal candidate will understand and support the mission, goals and objectives of SCFS as clearly expressed through its plans, contracts, policies and procedures. Under the direction of the SNAP program, the SNAP Family and Child Worker (henceforth FCWs) has a sound understanding of the theories and best practices that inform the development and treatment of problem behaviours and emotional difficulties in children and their families. FCWs will engage often hard-to-reach clients and work collaboratively with the family to develop a treatment plan tailored to their individual strengths and needs with the sole intention of managing risky behaviours when necessary. Working within a multi-disciplinary team, the FCW has a deep understanding of the complexities of family life, group dynamics, role-play, and behaviour management techniques. The FCW has highly developed skill-sets, relates effectively to a wide variety of audiences, and is responsible for liaising with child welfare agencies, schools, police and other community partners. In short, the FCW play a critical role of case-coordination and management.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum of BSW or MSW degree in social work or related field; Minimum of 3-4 years of track-record of working with vulnerable and at risk-youth; very energetic, team player, and willingness to collaborate with other stakeholders that serve youth and their families in accordance with SNAP guidelines; proven track-record of effective case management and reporting in accordance with SNAP Program;
  • Sound knowledge of community resources; proper care coordination and implementation; pass required background checks

Key Responsibilities

  • Assesses child and family strengths and needs, including risk identification, according to program standards; develops treatment plans and goals in conjunction with the family, addressing risk management; provides internal and external case management and service coordination for designated clients;
  • Carries out various treatment components outlined in case management and treatment plans, including but not limited to: individual, family, and group counselling with parents and child, effectively liaises, consults, and collaborates with other service providers (e.g., police) and makes appropriate use of community resources, acts as an advocate when needed (within the school and child welfare systems)
  • Implements SNAP therapeutic model guided by CBT framework and may incorporate additional therapeutic modalities as required; follows program guidelines including the writing of reports, and record keeping; participates in quality assurance, evaluation, data collection and research activities;
  • Manages high-risk and aggressive behaviour in accordance with agency standards; Actively participates and makes use of on-going clinical supervision; from time to time, participates in committees internal or external to the agency
  • Takes responsibility for monitoring the work facility and makes a reasonable effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment
  • May supervise students or volunteers; assumes other such responsibilities as assigned from time to time; works flexible hours to meet the needs of clients including at minimum 2 evenings a week, etc.

Please forward your Resume and Cover letter to the attention of the Executive Director by 2018 at 5p.m. Only those cleared for interview will be contacted.